“Quite a book - never boring!”

Two new reviews at Amazon (June 2023):

Quite a book - never boring!

This book is both a memoir and an anthology of pieces about many topical issues. It is never boring and filled with information and ideas that provide so much food for thought that I will be rereading it. Matt is very bright and an independent thinker who doesn’t just go along with accepted dogma. This has cost him jobs, and made him the target of a lot of hate and attacks. I admire him for his courage to stand up for what he believes in and his goal of how to best reduce suffering. Subjects covered include having children, GMOs, plastics, animal rights, suffering, climate change, nuclear power, and more. Matt’s life has been filled with terrible lows and wonderful highs. Quite a book, a very interesting and thought-provoking read.

Photo by Kevin Drum

Shows the value of personal connections

Laughing at Matt's tragedies in Losing My Religions is a learning experience. And maybe the lesson is not to take oneself, or even one's convictions, too seriously. And to appreciate the things in life we still have - like love, if we are lucky. That sentiment - modest commitment - is not something you expect from an activist - especially an animal rights activist that many admire and follow. But Matt's full life, and the way he examines it to date, is full of modesty.

He could have easily written a biography about many of the good things he did, but he's telling a more accurate story with all of what it means to keep going and still be glad to be alive, and that's a more valuable thing.